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2005-02-15 - 9:24 p.m.

You know the saying that goes, "Why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lay down?"...well it is kind of a personal motto of mine. It is not as though I CAN'T stand, but why would I want to, and I usually figure that if I am already sitting, then I may as well go ahead and lay down since I am so close to that position anyway. That is a difference between Emma and me. She pretty much feels the opposite motto for her life. Who needs to sit down when there is so much to do and see and do and do and do??!! This is one busy toddler, let me tell you. I have a miniature crystal meth addict on my hands. It is like someone slipped a little speed into her morning bottle (yes, she still takes a bottle sometimes {every day}, don't even bother with those e-mails). Emma feels the need to play with ALL of her toys, just a few seconds at a time. You want Legos, we got Legos, here are a yellow and green one. Don't bother putting them together for her because she is already cooking up something in her kitchen. Encourage her to open the refrigerator door and you are talking to her back because she is already playing a song on her Elmo table. Go to watch her and you better run fast because now she is looking at a book. Sometimes she will even hand you the book to read to her...but don't be fooled, after 2 pages she is ready for another book or a photo album or a lap around the kitchen table or chasing after Biggio or just maybe 2 of her blocks again. Go ahead and put the phone to you ear and watch with wonder as she grabs it away. She walks around holding it to her ear having entire conversations in Emma speak that always end the same way, "Otay, otay, bye". You can put on a video and she will watch it while she reads a magazine, pulls her bus around and checks to see if she hears her Daddy coming. This girl is a great multi-tasker. She even wakes up talking. Emma starts every day and ends up every nap exactly the same sitting straight up and beginning a long conversation. It is so funny and so Emma. Every now and then, especially at the end of the day, Emma will surprise me. She will bring me a book, back straight up into my lap, lean her head back against my chest and sit for the whole story. It is during these moments that I think, stay, please stay just a little longer.

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