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2004-10-10 - 12:22 p.m.

So, yesterday we officially became a family. How silly, you are probably thinking, you have been a family for almost 11 months now (or if you are really earthy, you might think that we have been a family for over a year now since that is how long it has been since I was pregnant). But really, when I say we became a family, I mean we became a family who does things, has family outings and activities. Because we did. It was a beautiful fall day, and we dressed Emma in her cute new denimn overalls with the cherries and her new white sneakers from my mom and we were off. We met our friends Jeremy and Christi and their kids Kaitlyn and Zach at the pumpkin patch. Robert had Emma happily dangling from the Baby Bjorn as they walked around the pumpkins, and he would occasionally stop to take her out and place her among the pumpkins for some photos. We took a tractor-powered hayride down to the barn where the kids got to see and feed the animals. It was so much fun to watch Kaitlyn with her little feed cup trying to coax the goats over to her, with Jeremy right there to protect her tiny hands. That is parenting and what being a family is all about. Emma looked all around and seemed to take it all, and it hit me that this time next year, she will be the one with the feed cup. When we returned to the pumpkin patch, we took more photos and watched as Emma sampled some hay pieces (stalks?) from the hale bales. The sky was blue, her eyes were shining, her smile was infectious, the breeze was blowing and all was right with the world. While I love all the little things we do as a family, i.e. trips to the grocery store, the bookstore, the mall, the ice cream store, etc, it was this that activity that made it feel so real. Mostly, because I realized standing in that field that we will do this forever, there are so many more adventures to come, and Robert and I get to share them all with our girl. Whatever I did God to find myself so lucky, I thank you.

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